Global Clean Coal Solutions for our future

Superior, high energy coal – with lower waste

Global Coal Solutions was founded to empower coal companies to create a superior higher energy coal product.

This Enhances Efficiencies for their customers and ultimately lowers the waste generated from their use of coal.

We utilise Traditional Coal Preparation knowledge coupled with more Modern Refining Techniques, such as Carbon Liberation.

Our group understands that Coal Mining is the backbone of many countries. Through engineering design and our collective 50 years of international experience we deliver the expertise required to

”Increase the amount of energy from every ton of coal mined, so that coal users need less coal to create the same net energy”.

Global Coal Solutions believe that mined coal can become a more efficient and effective product for all areas of its use, both Traditional and for New Technology’s.

We have developed a metaliferrous approach to coal preparation that is less capital intensive with low process costs.

High Yield from the source and Lower Ash through the plant is the goal; Ultimately a much improved cleaner coal product is produced.

Coals that respond to coal flotation are well suited in our Carbon Liberation Process.

We know that Coals ain’t Coals, whatever get’s the best result is what we will advise.

We call what we do coalologyTM

We invite you to explore further on our technology page.
or Contact Us to discuss.

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